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Cyberattacks Knock Out Sites of Ukrainian Army, Major Banks


Nittala Sri Manish

February 14, 2022

Several websites of Ukraine's government and military were offline on Tuesday following a series of attacks that targeted the country's banks and military.A Ukrainian cyber defense official said there was no sign of other disruptive actions that the attackers could have carried out. And emergency teams are working to recover the damage caused by the attackers. Although the attackers failed to access depositors' funds, a government agency noted that they could not disrupt the military's communications, Said by the Ukrainian Information Ministry's center for strategic communications and information security. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry accused Russia of involvement in the attack. It noted that the suspect might have resorted to petty mischief to distract from his overall plan. Experts said that a cyberattack on Ukraine's emergency services and insurance companies on January 14 was designed to look like ransomware. Attacks on Ukraine's infrastructure, which the GRU intelligence agency carried out, are expected to continue as President Vladimir Putin tries to weaken the country's institutions. The GRU was accused of carrying out the 2017 NotPetya attack, which caused over $10 billion worth of damage globally. It was also disguised as a ransomware attack.

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